Internal Regulations



To be allowed to penetrate, to settle, and remain on a campsite, it is necessary to be authorized by the manager or his representative.
THE MANAGEMENT is responsible for the order and upkeep of good standards on the camp-site, and for the application of the present regulations.

Staying on the campsite implies acceptance of the present rules, and the obligation to conform to them. 4 – Any infringement may lead to immediate expulsion, with recourse to the forces of order if necessary.
All persons who would like to stay for at least one night on the camp-site must first present an identity document to the management, and fill in the necessary police formalities.

Unaccompanied minors are not allowed.

2- Annual renting agreement:

The contract applies to ONE owner only. Mobile-homes must remain mobile (wheels and tow-bar in place).
Owners may stay for 6 months maximum in any one year – consecutively or not.
The maximum number of persons allowed to stay in a mobile-home at any one time is six.


During the opening period, March to October, the Management of the OREE D’AZUR may rent out unoccupied pitches for caravans, tents or camping-cars (motor homes). All installations must conform to the instructions given by the Management.


Opening hours: 9 – 12 AM and 3 – 6 PM, every day in July and August. Out of season: office hours will be posted at the entrance of the Reception.
In the Reception Office can be found all the information on the services of the campsite, nearby shopping facilities, sports activities and tourist information and useful addresses in the surrounding area.
A suggestions box is available at the Reception. Complaints will be taken into account only if they are signed, dated and relate to precise accounts of recent events.


Payments are made at the Reception office. Tariffs are posted at the entrance to the campsite and at the Reception office. They are due according to the number of nights spent on the grounds. Customers are requested to inform the Reception office the day before their departure. If customers are intending to leave before the Reception opens, payment must be made on the day before departure.

Annual renting agreement: A yearly invoice and contract are sent to the person named on the Contract. In cases of late payment, interest will be added at the rate of 1% per month. In cases of non-payment of any sums due, l’OREE D’AZUR reserve the right to refuse access to the mobile-home.


All users are constantly requested to avoid any noise or discussion which could disturb their neighbours. Audio equipment should be adjusted accordingly. Car-doors and boots should be closed quietly. Total silence is required between 10 PM and 7 AM (except on special occasions authorised by the Management: evening entertainments, dance evenings etc).
Animals must not be allowed to roam free. They must not be left alone on the campsite (even if locked up) in the absence of their masters, who are civilly liable for any accident, and must clean up should the animal make a mess. Animals are not allowed in the toilet blocks, around the swimming pool or in the offices.


VISITORS must register at the Reception and are admitted under the responsibility of the clients who receive them. Once they have been authorised to enter the campsite by the Management, they must pay the required fee for the use of the facilities. This fee is posted at the Reception office. Visitors’ cars are not allowed on the campsite.

Annual renting agreement: The children of mobile-home owners who are mentioned in the Contract are admitted free of charge. Owners may lend their mobile homes to their families or friends for their holidays. These visitors must register at the Reception ON ARRIVAL, presenting a letter of introduction from the owner authorising them to stay in their mobile home, with precise information concerning their dates of stay and the number of persons. Without this letter, the Management is authorised to refuse entry to the campsite. Visitors must be informed by the mobile-home owner of the fees due to L’OREE D’AZUR, which are payable on arrival before 7 PM. These fees are stipulated in the Annual renting agreement tariff. Visitors have access to the services and facilities of the campsite. Mobile-home owners are not authorised to give their keys or their barrier-access cards to their visitors, and must ensure that this rule is respected. Owners must inform the Management in advance of their arrival, or the impending arrival of any guests, by e-mail, by fax or by letter.


The speed limit is 10 km/h on the campsite. Traffic is not allowed between 10 PM and 7 AM. Residents’ vehicles only are admitted (1 per plot). All other vehicles must stay on the car-park. Parking is strictly forbidden on neighbouring plots, and must not hinder circulation or prevent access to new arrivals.


Please refrain from any action which may detract from the cleanliness, hygiene and aspect of the Campsite, especially the sanitary facilities.
Waste water must not be thrown onto the ground or down the gulley; it must be emptied into the facility provided. All rubbish and household waste must be taken to the bins. Clothes-washing is strictly forbidden outside the sinks provided. Washing can be hung to dry on the communal dryer, or is tolerated until 10AM on the pitches themselves, providing it remains discreet and does not disturb the neighbours.

Washing may not be hung out to dry on lines strung up between the trees. Please respect the planted areas and floral decorations. Campers must not nail into trees, cut any branches or plant anything. Pitches cannot be de-limited by personal means, or by digging into the ground.
All damage to the campsite’s property will charge to the perpetrator. All pitches must be maintained and left in the condition they were found.

Annual renting agreement: Please ask the management about disposal of cumbersome objects, leaves and branches. Car-washing is strictly forbidden on the campsite – there is a service-station nearby.
Garden and plant watering is subject to authorisation from the Management. It is strictly forbidden to remove stones from the walls or from the ground. No additional material (tent, camping-car etc) can be placed on your plot. . Washing can be hung to dry on the communal dryer, or on a movable washing-hanger on the pitches themselves, but may not be hung out to dry on lines strung up between the trees. Please respect the planted areas and floral decorations. Garden sheds: ONE garden shed of regulated dimensions (or similar) is allowed – for storage purposes only.


    Barbecues and open fires are strictly prohibited on individual places. All cookers must be kept in perfect working order, and not used in dangerous circumstances. In case of fire, advise the Management immediately – the extinguishers and fire hydrants are at your disposal. A first aid kit is available in the Reception office. Vehicles should be parked ready for immediate departure. Illness and disease: Please inform the Reception office of any illness, disease or accident which may occur.
    Annual renting agreement: For security reasons, the underneath of mobile-homes must be kept clean and un-encumbered by their owners.
  2. THEFT.
    The Management is responsible for articles left in the Reception office, and has a general obligation to monitor the Campsite. Campers are responsible for their own installations and should inform the Management of any suspicious behaviour. All users should take the necessary precautions for the safeguard of their own material.
    Annual renting agreement: For security reasons, we suggest that you put gas bottles inside when you leave (or attach them). Any stolen or damaged material will not be replaced free of charge by the Management. Owners are responsible for their own installation and should insure their mobile-home with the company of their choice.

11 – GAMES.

No violent or disturbing games may be organised near the installations. The common room cannot be used for rough play. Children should be kept under the constant supervision, be accompanied by their parents when using the sanitary facilities, and not be allowed to play there. Children must not be left alone on the campsite l’OREE D’AZUR.


No material can be left unoccupied on the grounds, unless by previous arrangement with the Management, and only on the place indicated. It is understood that this material may be moved without prior warning. There is a fee for long-term parking, which is posted at the Reception office.


All users are obliged to be clean and take a shower before entering the swimming pool. Please refrain from any behaviour (shouting, diving, bombing….) which may detract from other people’s enjoyment of the pool area. Animals are strictly forbidden. Smoking, drinking and eating are forbidden in the pool area. For hygiene reasons, you must pass through the footbath, use a towel on the sun beds, take off your shoes and not hang or place anything on the fencing. Please do not bring your own sun beds, chairs or parasols, nor any inflatable mattress or object. Do not leave litter in or around the pool. The pool is open from June until September. Opening times: July/August: 9 AM – 7 PM. Out of season: opening times will be posted at the entrance.


The Internal regulations are posted at the Reception office. A copy is available on request.


Any resident who disturbs other users, or breaks the present rules, will be notified and asked to stop by the Management. Either orally or in writing should this be deemed necessary Cases of repeated infringement may cause the cancelling of the contract. In cases of criminal violation, the forces of order may be asked to intervene.


The OREE D’AZUR is closed from November 1st to February 1st. During this period there will be neither water nor electricity on the campsite.


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