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Own your Leisure Residence at the Orée d'Azur

Be the owner of a mobile home or a chalet in L’Orée d’Azur!

Vous souhaitez profiter de votre résidence de vacances 6 mois par an, pour vous le camping est ouvert du 1er mars à la fin Octobre, le camping l’Orée d’azur fort de ses 40 années d’expérience dans la vente et la gestion de locatifs saisonniers, se tient à votre disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire.

A residence on the French Riviera for you 6 months of the year!

The principle :

  • You choose and buy your mobile home or chalet, the price varying according to the models, the options chosen and the years of manufacture.
  • You subscribe to our “Residential” contract.
  • You enjoy your own holiday residence in an idyllic setting 6 months a year.

We offer several “Residential” contracts

  • Contract for a category A pitch: A plot of more than 250 m² is planned, whose annual rental in 2020 is € 5,250 incl.
  • Contract for a category B site: A plot of 180 to 250m² is planned, the annual rental of which in 2020 is € 4,750 incl.
  • Contract for a category C pitch: A plot of 120 to 180m² is planned, the annual rental in 2020 of € 4,250 including tax

All our contracts include:

  • The installation of a mobile home or a chalet on the rented plot
  • Car parking
  • Access to the campsite infrastructure for you and your family (maximum 6 people)
  • 20A electricity (personal consumption in addition to the rental)
  • Running water (personal consumption in addition to the rental) and medical evacuation

Download the conditions of the “residential” contract

Opening dates:

  • For your personal use: from March 1 to October 31
  • For other users: dates in 2020 from April 4 to October 31
  • The swimming pool is open from May to the end of September
  • The “Residential” contract includes the possibility of staying a maximum of 6 months during the opening period of the campsite. The rest of the year, the mobile home, chalet or HLL can be parked for free on the site.

Optional services

  • Early season connection: 45 € + Repair equipment if necessary and / or intervention by a professional (plumber, electrician, etc.) We start up your gas, electricity and water installations before your arrival.
  • Full cleaning at the start of the season: € 155 + Repair material if necessary. After connecting the facilities as above, we do the complete cleaning of your mobile home.
  • Guest charges (see “Residential” contract) + any breakdown charges. Cleaning is the responsibility of your guests during and at the end of their stay. The service of a cleaning lady is proposed at the price of 70 € per intervention.
  • Rental Management: We take care of certain stages in the marketing of your rental. Please contact the management to find out how.
  • Miscellaneous products and services
    • External washing of your mobile home: Contact us
    • Butane / Propane gas 13kg: € 35.00
    • Cleaning of the plot: Contact us
    • Various supplies: On order

Mobiles-homes on sale

L’Orée d´Azur offers several second-hand holiday residences below. If you prefer to invest in new accommodation (Chalet or Mobile home), contact us and take advantage of a wide choice in range of quality products. Photos and information

  • Mobilhome IRM Cordélia of 34m² (Year 2012)

Other recent mobile homes are also for sale. Please inquire with the management of Camping l’Orée d´Azur

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